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Aircraft Refueling Jobs & Airline Fueler Jobs

Are you looking for a job working at the airport as an Aircraft Refueler ? Depending on the airport and the size of the operation will indicate who the employer is likely to be means whether it is the Airport the Fueling Company or in rare cases the airline or aircraft company. would like to help you find employment as an aircraft refueler and to improve your chance of finding successful employment suggest you register and upload your CV on the web site so that prospective employers can find you. In addition please visit the web site on a regular basis.

By its very nature aircraft refueling jobs will require you to work out doors in all kinds of weather and conditions, however expect to receive the highest quality of company outdoor work wear. You will also be familiar with handling flammable material namely aviation fuel know as Jet A1 or Avtur and  Aviation Gasoline known as Avgas.

If you are intent on a Job as an Aircraft Refueler or Fueler you will need to be very fit physically as you will be manipulating heavy fuelling hoses which must be connected to the aircraft fueling point in order to transfer the fuel onto the aircraft.

Aircraft Fueler’s perform a very essential function exactly the right amount of fuel must be delivered on time to the aircraft to enable its on time departure, The fuel must be loaded safely and correctly.

At larger Airports the fuel is delivered underground to each aircraft parking stand  and the truck which is driven by the Aircraft Refueler is a delivery vehicle which does not it self carry fuel.

Where there is no availability of underground delivery the fuel is delivered in large vehicles called bowsers, so as a prerequisite for an Aircraft refueling job it may necessary to hold a heavy goods vehicle license.

Working for fuel companies usually attracts extremely good salaries and excellent terms and conditions. There is not a lot of turnover in these jobs so it could take some time to achieve the Airline Fueler job you are seeking. At provincial airfields Refueler’s may  actually be employed by the airport authority itself so the terms and conditions may not be so favourable.

If you are interested in developing a career as an Aircraft Refueler there are opportunities to move into Management or training but these positions are limited, however if you can find a job with a mainstream fuel company you will achieve very secure employment as an aircraft refueler. carries all types of aviation and associated jobs so welcomes advertisements from employers who are looking for Refueling staff.